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The Law Offices of William J. Neary Family website is devoted solely to the practice of Family Law. Attorney Neary and staff have extensive experience in dealing with all of the aforementioned areas of Family Law. Every matter is handled on a case by case basis and on a personal level.

Today it is quite frequent that families experience difficulties. It is how you approach these difficulties, that include dissolution of marriage, custody, visitation and support actions that can make lasting impressions for the future.

The professionals at the Law Offices of William J. Neary understand these situations and work hard to make sure that an already difficult time does not become more difficult.

As a client you will be actively involved in how we approach your case. With this strategy in mind, you will be well informed as to all aspects of your case so you will feel comfortable in any decisions that are made by you on your behalf.

Attorney Neary is distinctly familiar with what is important to a family both emotionally and financially. He knows how important a family dynamic is to each and every client on an individual basis. You can be certain that Attorney Neary’s family practice focuses on your specific needs within the law.

Every case is handled according to you and your families needs and the best interests of everyone involved.

Experience counts and it is the experience in the approach our office prides itself upon that distinguishes us from all the rest. Review William J. Neary’s list of family cases by visiting the Connecticut Judicial Branch website, enter “412612” as the Juris Number and “FA” in the case category drop down menu. Our firm offers this information to our perspective client’s as proof of our experience. It’s critical to compare other attorney’s case lists to be absolutely positive you will receive experienced representation for the money you spend. The last thing you want is for an inexperienced attorney learning the practice of family law on your dime.

The Law Offices of William J. Neary, experience when experience is needed most.





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