Divorce is a complicated matter – and it is one that should not be undertaken alone. Partnering with an experienced attorney who has a proven track record of successful outcomes across a range of family court proceedings is vital to settling a divorce in a fair and equitable manner.

At the Law Offices of William J Neary, we understand that divorce can be more than an emotionally trying process – it can also be financially devastating when you consider today’s economy and how many individuals are struggling to make ends meet. For those that are facing the inevitability of divorce proceedings and need the services of a qualified attorney, a flat fee basis may be the ideal answer.
While not all divorce cases can be handled through a flat fee process, if your case involves non—contested custody matters, limited asset and liability matters, or if you and your spouse are in general agreement on most issues, you may want to consider a flat fee process to help conserve money and streamline the proceedings. A flat fee means that you will pay one price and your attorney will manage the entire divorce process, from beginning to end – all without any surprise costs or fees.

When to Secure the Services of a Flat Fee Divorce Attorney:

One of the biggest strains on any married couple is conflict brought about by personal financial issues. In fact, financial concerns have proven to be one of the leading causes of divorce across the nation. If you have already committed to divorce proceedings, don’t add more stress to the situation by forcing both parties to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a divorce that might be better served through a flat fee process. While not all divorce cases align perfectly with the flat fee approach, if both parties are willing to negotiate a divorce settlement amicably it might make sense. In fact, suggesting a flat fee attorney may promote a more positive outcome by prompting your spouse to become more willing to negotiate the divorce settlement with an open mind.
If you or your spouse desire to spend less time in the courtroom and feel that you will be able to negotiate the basic legal concerns of the divorce without much fanfare, you may be able to retain an attorney on a flat fee basis to ensure that your rights are safeguarded, that all divorce paperwork is filed appropriately, and that you and your spouse are protected throughout the process.