20120824-_MG_4888-EditOur Connecticut-based firm is well-versed in the practice of Family Law. We know that divorce, child support, and custody issues can be incredibly difficult to deal with. These personal situation may be the most trying you will ever have to face – but take comfort in the fact that our firm will support you each step of the way. One of the most frustrating issues in family law concerns post judgment activities – referring to services that are required after a family law ruling has been made. Our Family Law firm offers the experience and dedication to help you successfully navigate the complexities of today’s modern post judgment proceedings.

We create an atmosphere of transparency

An attorney personally supervises each case and develops a partnership with the client that makes the entire experience as comfortable as possible. Maintaining an active voice throughout the Connecticut post judgment process is an important advantage for clients of the firm, and the ability to communicate clearly and directly with an attorney about all available options is a key benefit of our group. You’ll enjoy a clear line of communication with our staff of paralegals and support professionals, too. Our goal is to create an open and honest relationship and to truly understand the individual needs of our clients.

Experience counts

If you are faced with a post judgment concern once your divorce, custody, or other family matter is resolved, partner with a Family attorney who has a proven track record of competent and experienced representation. Experience counts when it comes to the practice of family law, and it is this experience that will help you through this difficult time.
Divorce, custody, and all family matter proceedings present a host of challenges for all parties involved. This includes the significant emotional toll it can take on you, your spouse, and your family in general. You may also feel the financial burdens of family matters, as well as changes to your family dynamic. Partner with a firm that has the experience to support you during this challenging time – contact William J. Neary today.